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Do you upload and share files?

Can you imagine that you get paid for uploading files on a file sharing/hosting site and sharing it with others? Yes, these days sharing online make you money!

Gigasize is an online file sharing site where you can upload your movies, games, music and photos and store them online for instant access and sharing. You can also earn money for uploading and sharing files in Gigasize

When you have a free or premium account, you can earn GigaPoints and exchange them for Premium accounts and hard cold cash. The more GigaPoints you earn, the more you earn money! The below given are the multiple ways to earn GigaPoints:

1. One download of any of your files
  • 1 Gigapoint under 100MB
  • 2 Gigapoint under 600MB
  • 3 Gigapoint at 600MB and larger
2. One invited friend signing up for a Free Account(10 GigaPoints)

3. One invited friend signing up for a Premium Account(100 GigaPoints )

You can exchange GigaPoints to earn money and Gigasize Premium Accounts!!! Payment will be made via PayPal. Get a free PayPal account here and Wire transfers are available if PayPal is not available in your country.

3000 GigaPoints --> 1 Month Premium Account
10000 GigaPoints --> 3 Month Premium Account + $10 USD
20000 GigaPoints --> 6 Month Premium Account + $20 USD
40000 GigaPoints --> 1 Year Premium Account + $40 USD
100000 GigaPoints --> 1 Year Premium Account + $100 USD
500000 GigaPoints --> 1 Year Premium Account + $500 USD
1000000 GigaPoints --> $1500 USD
5000000 GigaPoints --> $10000 USD

If you have been waiting for your opportunity to earn extra cash while having fun, the time is now. Register for an account here and start earning! After registering an account, don't forget to come back to learn the tips given below to skyrocket your earnings :-)

Gigasize : Gigasize Banner

Tips for getting more downloads

Seed files on bittorent

Millions of people use bittorent daily, creating never-ending opportunities for you! For example, you can upload a zip file with popular software (Use trial software) and a readme.txt inside. Leave that readme.txt saying to activate the software you have to download the crack/activation key at your download link here on Gigasize! You'd be surprised at how many people will start downloading your file!

Post to forums

There are Hundreds of thousands of forums on the internet with millions of users. Many forums have sections for downloads, and some are even dedicated to solely providing files. Upload a file that you know will be popular and post it to some active file sharing sites, and let the downloads and cash - roll in!

What kind of files?

There are millions of uploaded files on the internet, but you want to discover the one that will be the most popular and get the most downloads. These normally are videos of some popular event, like a soccer tournament, pdf's or free ebooks, game demos, game cheats, music files... the list goes on and on.

Use Youtube

Youtube is one of the popular tools for free internet marketing. By simply creating a video about a program, a song, a band, etc, and giving the user a download link in the video description will score you thousands of downloads, and dollars!

Peer-to-peer file sharing

Many people use peer-to-peer file sharing networks, like limewire or emule, to share files. You can use this as an alternative for the bittorent technique, but instead of seeding your file just share it on these networks and let the downloads start rolling in!

Gigasize : Gigasize Banner


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